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ATL Berkshire
ATL Berkshire ATL Telecom is a privately owned company that specialises in voice products for the telecommunications industry. ATL Telecom is one of the UK's leading suppliers of voice products.

ATL has its headquarters in the United Kingdom at Cardiff, where it maintains the highest levels of quality and skills within its workforce that is continually being developed to meet the needs of our customers and business.

ATL has a fine pedigree of high quality products designed especially for major network operators such as British Telecom, Portugal Telecom and Telkom South Africa. ATL Telecom's quality voice products are relied upon by a number of leading companies in the SME, Hospitality, Education, Private and Public sectors.

ATL's mission is to become the leading supplier of voice product solutions.
Products In ATL Berkshire (Total Products 11, Showing: 9 -> 11)
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ATL Berkshire 800 CLI Corded Handset
ATL Berkshire 800 Corded Handset in Light Grey is No Longer Available only in Dark grey See below   The Ber...

Price Ex VAT: £49.95

ATL Berkshire 800 CLI Corded Handset Dark Grey
ATL Berkshire 800 CLI Corded Handset Dark Grey   The Berkshire 800 builds on the features of the new ATL Berkshire range and adds t...

Price Ex VAT: £49.95

ATL Delta 700 Two Line CLI Corded Handset
The ATL Delta 700 Corded Handset is a two-line CLI Featurephone that can handle two lines from the same handset. The handset also has 32 two-touch spe...

Price Ex VAT: £52.95


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